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The only roofing manufacturer with no class action lawsuits

Extended warranty with every roof, ON US

We chose Malarkey and they chose us!

Our Certification is truly a Partnership. They chose us for our experience, reputation, and processes, and we chose them for their superior products, history, and commitment to excellence.


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Sustainable, high-performance, roofing shingles.

Why a Malarkey Shingle?

Unlike standard shingles which prematurely become brittle, crack, and lose granules, Malarkey shingles are made of Rubberized Asphalt for superior all-weather resilience, Upcycled Rubber & Plastics to reduce landfill waste, and Smog-Reducing Granules that help clean the air.

Better performance, and better for the environment – that’s a Malarkey shingle!

Shingles Built To Do More… And Less.

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Emerald Pro Certification

We are partnered with Malarkey Roofing Products: the most trustworthy, progressive, and highly warranted Shingle Manufacturer in existence.

We work with you to create your perfect roof – whether it be a premium luxury shingle package, a multiple skylight makeover, budget friendly option & financing, and complete upper half restorations. The owner himself will go over every detail to make sure we are clear and you are satisfied.

The advantage of Emerald Pro Contractors

The Emerald Pro warranty is exclusively available through Happy Roofing, a Certified Malarkey Contractor.  Specific system requirements must be met and each step of the installation is held to the highest standards. This is a coordinated system using the highest quality products and accessories. Watch the videos below to see the Family of roofing products and how they are leading the industry in quality, protection, security, and even sustainability.

Scotchgard™ by 3M

A roof is a dramatic part of your home, and unpleasant black streaks caused by algae can ruin the aesthetic appearance and reduce its value. Investing in a new roof is a considerable expenditure. Protect the roof you install today, and help maintain its lasting beauty by resisting black streaks on shingles caused by algae for the lifetime of the roofing system. Ask for Malarkey Roofing Products featuring Scotchgard Protector.

NEX Polymer Modified Asphalt

All-Weather Performance – Shingles are in a constant state of expansion and contraction caused by changing temperatures. Unlike standard shingles, which prematurely become brittle and crack from the stress, NEX Polymer Modified Asphalt Technology rubberizes shingles for enhanced all-weather flexibility, strength, and resilience > to better withstand temperature swings and weather extremes.

Something fun to watch

Best-in-class impact resistance is a key benefit of Malarkey Shingles.

My distributor told me a story once of ASTM Agents coming to his yard to test their sell-able materials. Upon testing the 5 different brands, Malarkey was the only shingle that actually passed the impact test. Malarkey makes two Class 3 shingles, and the rest are Class 4, and you can bet that is never compromised!

The Green-est Company

Upcycled Tires & Plastics – Polymers from recycled tires and plastic bottles improve shingle strength and durability while reducing landfill waste. Anti-aging technology inherent in these materials adds even more protection from damaging UV sunlight. Each average-size roof diverts the equivalent of 5 rubber tires and 350 plastic milk jugs from the landfill. Cleaner Manufacturing – NEX® Technology results in much lower emissions than the highly-pollutive oxidation process used to make traditional shingles.

A Rich History

Malarkey Roofing Products is a family owned roofing manufacturing facility that has been producing quality products for 60 years. The innovations that we have made over the years have laid strong foundations for future products that are mindful of environmental needs and all of our neighbors and friends that depend on our roofing to protect the things they cherish.

The Zone

An average roof requires thousands of properly placed nails. The Zone, Malarkey’s patented wider nailing area and common bond overlap on architectural shingles, helps ensure that every nail hits and penetrates both shingle layers for maximum protection from nail pull-out shingle uplift, which double rain seals add protection from wind-driven rain. A Tapered shim (backing layer) helps the shingle lay flat and shed water without interruption. Standard shingles leave a ridge that can create troughing, allowing water to run sideways under shingles and then down a misplaced nail, resulting in leaks.